Do you check your work email in bed? Do you eat lunch at your desk? If this sounds like you, it may be time to re-evaluate your work-life balance.

Not only can having a more balanced life make you happier but it can also make you a more productive employee.

Some companies are better at promoting this kind of equilibrium than others. Job search site Indeed analyzed over 72 million reviews to assess which companies are the best at encouraging work-life balance.

Keller Williams Realty topped Indeed’s list as the number one company for work-life balance

Keller Williams Realty
Founded: 1983
Headquarters: Austin, Texas

The real estate company has over 139,000 agents around the world but manages to maintain a culture of balance due in part to a business model that emphasizes profit-sharing and allows for flexible work schedules.

“As an individual contractor you determine your workday,” says one employee. “There is complete flexibility in your schedule and unlimited earnings potential,” adds another.

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