Home Sale in Kintnersville, PA

We interviewed three realtors before deciding on working with Mike.

We found his enthusiasm for our property’s quality & value together with his wide ranging and up-to-date marketing skill set to be the most compelling. He took the time to walk the property grounds (3.5 acres) as well as
  look inside the house, unlike the other realtors. Mike is easy to talk to with an engaging personality and we liked him from the start. He is open and friendly in how he talks to his customers freely offering his experience and good advice, giving the impression of being focused and together.

Mike was willing to help sell our home using the latest Internet techniques, photography, video, floor plans, dedicated website, combined with the old fashioned feet on the street, walking around our neighborhood to sell in person and conducting open houses. He offered to do both a pre-sale open house for other realtors (to raise their awareness of our property for their clients) and additional open houses for the buying public. No other realtor was willing to work quite so enthusiastically on all fronts on our behalf. We truly felt he would earn his commission.

House pricing was the toughest decision for us, in this tough northeast Spring 2014 housing market, as we had to hit a base number or the move wasn’t going to happen. This was an area where Mike gave us a lot of consulting help. After we commissioned a pre-sale appraisal and found our house was not going to likely meet our base sales number. He helped explain how appraisals worked and could be influenced by a buyer’s offer to a large extent, rather than just the past 6 months sales the appraiser had used. He helped us understand the variation in appraisals that can occur.

Mike put the work in extra work to figure out the “comps” (comparative pricing) as the three realtors we interviewed gave us comp pricing with a price range of $100,000 using a large variety of different properties, some low end, some high end in our area. What was the most likely pricing truth? Mike researched the issue thoroughly using his team connections with other realtors, with whom he works and does business. He used a group or mastermind technique to figure out if we could sell.

So after a lot of research we ourselves put in, together with the market research Mike put in, and looking at our direct local competition to see if we could meet the higher price we agreed on a course of action.

Mikes best advice was to put the house on the market and see what offers came in and we could always withdraw our home if the offers weren’t meeting our needs. This is what we were about to do until one of our loved cat family members became seriously ill so we have put the whole project on hold for the time being, for a stable home and their well being.

We look forward to completing the sale later this year or next using Mike as our realtor of choice, for we know he will do a good job selling our home in this tough 2014 market.

— Karyn and Alastair Greenstreet